Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics

There’s always a point where you’ll need the skill of persuasive writing, either as a college or high school student. You might also find your knowledge useful at some point in your career.

In persuasive writing, it is vital to find an exciting topic you and your audience will like. This feat might not prove easy sometimes. So, how do you decide the right topic amidst so many options?

How to Decide on the Right Topic

You’ll need to pay attention to some simple facts while choosing a topic, and that would make it easy to decide on the right topic.

  • Choose A Topic You’re Familiar and Genuinely Interested In

Your first step is to choose a topic you’re passionate about. It will make it less tedious while researching it. You’ll enjoy writing about it, and your audience will feel your enthusiasm while you present it. However, you must ensure the topic will interest the readers, too, so you don’t lose their attention while presenting.

  • Make It One That Your Audience Can Relate With

Once it’s one that your audience cares about, they’ll easily relate to it. People mostly care about topics that directly affect their community or country.

Here’s A List of Topics to Choose From

We’ve made a list of persuasive speech topics on different categories to help you write the next speech perfectly.


  • The best ways to stop bullying in schools
  • How to improve students’ learning interest
  • Should uniforms be compulsory in schools?


  • Should payments to interns be mandated?
  • Should tipping in restaurants be compulsory?
  • Why it’s best to buy goods from local producers


  • Should students be mandated to learn an instrument?
  • Should citizens pay to access national museums?
  • Should classic literature contain offensive language?


  • Should praying be done publicly in schools?


  • Should testing of animals be banned?
  • Should the cloning of humans or animals be allowed
  • Should stores sell food genetically modified


  • Should colleges pay their athletes?


  • Why would you or wouldn’t let your little child use a Smartphone?
  • Do video games help children develop cognitive skills?


  • Will exercise alone combat obesity?
  • Why insulin dependents should get it for free
  • Should assisted suicide be legalized?


  • Why we should or shouldn’t go to war
  • Why testing products on animals should be banned
  • Why we should abolish the death penalty

Other Useful Tips for Your Persuasive Speech

Here are other tips to help you create a good speech

  1. Pick A Stand

As you start writing, state your stand on the topic strongly. State clearly, from your opening paragraph, why you choose your position on the subject.

  1. Be Aware Of Your Audience

As you write your speech, consider your audience, as you’ll have to persuade them. Focus on areas they might already know or care about, concerning the subject.

  1. Research Facts

You need to be able to defend your position with clear facts. Proper research will help you uncover facts and help you strengthen your persuasion while you write.


You can write a great persuasive speech, once you’re aware of your interests and that of your audience. Researching facts to support your position will help you to do a great job, and you’ll present your speech with confidence.

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