How to Write a Good Narrative Speech or Essay

A narrative essay, like every other essay, contains three main parts: the introduction, body, and conclusion. The primary purpose of this essay is to tell a story. More often than not, these stories are from personal experiences.

What every good writer tries to do is make their stories emotionally appealing to the reader. This emotion makes the experience come alive. There could also be some level of humor or seriousness to keep the readers engaged. 

Taking an analysis of every top-notch narrative essay, there are some essential characters they always have:

  1. There is a general point.
  2. Such essays are detailed to prove the point.
  3. It follows a suitable arrangement and organization.

Steps involved in the essay construction

Depending on one’s preference, essays could be as long as a whole page, while others could be just five paragraphs short. Whether long or short, what matters is that the narrative essays have the same outline.

  • Introduction: This is the first part of your essay. It usually contains a piece that captures your reader’s attention. That part is commonly called the hook. Then, you have a topic that will lead to other parts of the essay.
  • Body: This is an essential part of the essay. It contains the message you are trying to pass across. It can about three to five paragraphs long. One important thing to note is that every paragraph should have an example or an event that accentuates the main topic.
  • Conclusion: This is the concluding part of the essay. This part makes a summary of the points in the body and bring a close to your narration. You could spice up your conclusion with an epilogue.

Great topics for narrative essays

While a lot of people have difficulty choosing a topic for their essay, you can make it easy for yourself. Go for a happening which you can narrate in a clear and organized fashion. Below are a few topics you can choose from:  

  1. An unforgettable experience
  2. A date that went wrong
  3. Your first time in a strange place
  4. A memorable journey
  5. A good deed
  6. A near-death experience
  7. Your first time away from home
  8. Your first time in your dream country
  9. A strange encounter
  10. Your first time on a ship cruise

Other Types of Essays

Apart from narrative essays, there are three major types of essays. They are:

  • Argumentative: These essays usually involves a lot of research and analysis. Their purpose is to convince the readers to agree on a particular opinion about a topic.
  • Descriptive: The writer could write objectively or subjectively. As the name sounds, this essay describes or defines a thing, a person, a place, or an event in detail.
  • Expository: This type of essay is similar to the argumentative essay. The writer relies on research and analysis to write well-informed essays. The difference from argumentative essays is that it is not directed towards changing the readers’ mind about something but rather to inform them.


Writing a narrative essay should be problematic for you now. You know what it entails from introduction to conclusion. You also know the other types of essays that you can try to write.  

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