Crafting An Interesting Essay On An Interview: Things To Remember

Many students consider writing an essay on an interview as a complicated task. No matter, whether you should write a long or a short essay, a school assignment, or a writing gig at, there are several important things to remember in order to craft an interesting paper, including the following:

  1. Come up with a topic keeping the assignment requirements in mind.
  2. A successful paper should meet the requirements of your instructor. You should revise them carefully before you start working and make sure that you understand everything. Do not hesitate to ask questions. It is also a good idea to consult your professor when you select a topic and prepare an outline.

  3. Write an outline.
  4. You can hardly organize your thoughts without an outline or a mind diagram. It is easier to see the links and relationships between different things when you put everything on paper. Writing an essay on the interview, you may find plenty of interesting ideas, but try to select the three most important ones.

  5. Compose an interesting thesis statement.
  6. You should keep your audience in mind while composing your thesis statement. It is important to avoid clich├ęs, write in your own words, and do not mention well-known facts. Remember that it makes sense to revise your thesis after you finish your first draft. Most students rewrite their theses several times.

  7. Spend enough time gathering the materials.
  8. To write a strong paper, you should gather some materials, apart from the text of the interview itself. It is necessary to learn more about the discussed event, about an interviewed person, and the setting. This additional information will help you select the best evidence to support the main idea of your essay.

  9. Provide some background information in your introduction.
  10. An introduction should help the audience understand why you are writing about a particular interview and provide some details about its context. You should introduce your topic in a proper manner or else the readers may be confused. Remember to focus your writing and express your point of view clearly.

  11. Edit your paper before the submission.
  12. Adding some finishing touches makes your essay complete. Small details are important, so check your word choice, the order of paragraphs, and the formatting style. Make sure that you meet the requirements of your professor. Bear in mind that you should cite all the sources that you have used in order to complete the assignment.

The last thing to remember is that you should correct grammar and spelling mistakes and submit the paper in print or electronically before the deadline.

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